Estamos certificados



Ground Handling

With the highest technology and qualified staff, we can provide the best ground handling service to all types of aircraft wide or narrow body.

  • Baggage Sorting and Transportation: Your passenger luggage, will always be manipulated by the most committed staff.
  • Aircraft parking and push back: We rely on the best technical equipment and human resource to take care of your aircraft during the transfer at the airport.
  • Cabin cleaning: We Will do everything to guarantee your passenger comfort, with clean cabins according to our client’s standards.
  • Toilet and water service: we provide your airplanes with water suitable for consumption on board and IATA certified sanitary services, which guarantee comfort and safety for your passengers.


  • Buses: We provide transfers to and from remote boarding positions with comfort, security and agility, thanks to our fleet of xxx buses at El Dorado Airport.


Passenger Services

We have qualified personnel, with the highest standards to give your company all the resources required to provide the best service experience to your passengers:

  • Check-in services : We guarantee fast and kind attention, meeting all the needs of your passengers.
  • Gate Services: Specific, agile and coordinated boardings to take care of the comfort of the passengers and punctuality of the airline.



Special Passengers




  • UMNR: with this services, the umnr Will never feel alone.
  • WCHR: The best service and attention to people with reduced mobility. Comfortable wheelchairs and friendly staff will transfer you from the counter to the airplane and from the aircraft to the airport exit.
    We offer aisle wheelchairs and ambulift, to ensure the comfort and safety of your passengers at all times.



Operational Dispatch

Certified personnel with the licenses of the competent authority and the most rigorous operational training in the market, we provide operational support to your flights through:


  • Ramp coordination
  • Flight plan
  • Weight and balance
  • Meteorology
  • Briefing to crew
  • ATC Coordination


Atención de charters y vuelos especializados  

  • AVuelos Cargueros
  • AVuelos Humanitarios
  • AVuelos Privados
  • AGestión de Administración y Representación